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When we begin the process of searching for real estate, or looking to sell or rent a property, we always ask ourselves whether it is worth it to use the services of a specialised real estate agency. When asking...

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The best answer to the question about the benefits of an exclusive agreement may be a paraphrase of the saying stating that when everybody’s looking after your property, it might be that no one’s really...

Rental offer
Apartment for rent - real estate Maxon

Apartment for rent

Warszawa, Śródmieście

Powierzchnia 160 m²

Rent: 10 000 PLN

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House for rent - real estate Maxon

House for rent

piaseczyński, Konstancin-Jeziorna

Powierzchnia domu: 802 m²

Rent: 22 000 PLN

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Apartment for rent - real estate Maxon

Apartment for rent

Warszawa, Mokotów

Powierzchnia 74 m²

Rent: 3 250 PLN

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House for sale - real estate Maxon

House for sale

piaseczyński, Piaseczno

Powierzchnia domu: 811.36 m²

Price: 2 900 000 PLN

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